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Who won a Rolex at the WatchPro Awards?

An exciting Safe-Cracker game was one of the big talking points of the WatchPro Awards in New York City, with WOLF providing a huge green watch winder safe and Luxury Bazaar donating an unworn Rolex Explorer as a prize.

It was a simple game with a big prize for the winner.

All 200 guests at the WatchPro Awards had a unique six-digit number printed on their dining table’s name place holder.

One of the codes would open the safe, with the winner claiming the Rolex, worth around $13,000, as their prize.

At intervals through the evening, the first two numbers of the code were revealed on the big screen, then the third, fourth and fifth.

With each digit, the number of people still in the running was whittled down until just three remained.

Clutching their codes, the three finalists came to the stage to try their luck with the WOLF safe.

Two codes failed, but the guests were rewarded for their podium position with a bottle of Champagne.

The third had the code that cracked the safe.

And that winner was Genna Zimmer, vice-president at REEDS Jewelers.

Immediately after winning the Rolex, Ms Zimmer generously declared she would gift the watch to one of REEDS Jewelers’ charity partners.

“I was completely shocked to win the timepiece that Luxury Bazaar donated. REEDS will use the timepiece for a charitable contribution. We need to work on the logistics, but I’m thinking a silent auction of some sort with proceeds either benefiting Jewelers For Children and/or the Zimmer Cancer Institute,” she said.

Source : WatchPro