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Rolls-Royce Cullinan Hits the Gym, Check Out Those Muscles

With so many Rolls-Royce Cullinans rolling off the line at the Goodwood factory in England, it is no wonder some owners want to give theirs extra character. Coming in to fill this void, if we can call it that, are numerous tuners ready to get down to business by offering a variety of mods. From wide body kits and all sorts of carbon fiber parts to completely re-upholstered interiors and the occasional power boost, everything is available for this king of the (luxury crossover) hill.

In this story, we will bring a lesser-known company known as Keyvany into the limelight. The German tuner was founded in 2018, and its goal is to “take luxury cars to a new level of refinement.” We don’t know how refined the pictured Rolls-Royce Cullinan is, but one thing is certain: you will either love it or hate it due to its controversial looks. We lean towards the former because, from certain angles, it looks like a muscly luxury crossover. And if the goal was to elevate its stance, then you can consider the job done.

Named the Hayula, which is derived from the Greek word that stands for matter, the body kit is bound to make this posh machine stand out no matter where it goes. It comprises those fat fender flares, joined by a few add-ons at the front, sides, and rear, including the apron, side skirts, and what should be a matching diffuser. Carbon fiber was the material of choice here, and the bundle is joined by a set of new wheels shod in Vredestein tires. The black body of the Cullinan is contrasted by a few orange accents, with a matching interior that appears to have been reupholstered.

Orange leather decorates the cabin, and it has the tuner’s logo on the steering wheel and probably on other parts that are not visible in the images released by Keyvany on social media and shared in the gallery. It also comes with additional carbon fiber here for a sportier look, and while such a design would usually fit something a bit more track-focused, like, say, the Lamborghini Urus, it doesn’t turn the Cullinan into an OTT project. Then again, looks can be deceiving, and in the end, it falls on each person to decide whether they like it or not. I do, but is it appealing or appalling to you? 

Source : AutoEvolution