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John Cena’s Prized C7 Corvette InCenarator Supercar

John Cena, one of the wrestling and acting world’s most prominent and boastful figures once found himself on the set of a show called dream machines. Acting is sort of a guest star for the episode, Cena took us through the process of building his perfect ride while the team Crew put everything together and made his dream come true. After all is said and done, it was called the InCenarator, a wildly fast borderline supercar with a style unlike anything else on the road and a flamethrower to match. So what exactly is this car?

Starting life is a C7 Corvette, the InCenarator was once one of the fastest American vehicles you can get from the factory. Even though the build process is confirmed as John Cena and one of the builders took a ride spinning around the track like a tornado. Speaking of wind, the body of the car was made to be as aerodynamic as possible featuring a lot of stylistic cues from Pontiac’s banshee concept, at least that’s what it looks like.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a stock seventh-generation Corvette for very long as the body clearly shows a completely redesigned hypercar exterior. Some of the cooler parts of the vehicle are the glass roof and cockpit hatch which resembles that of a fighter jet. Indeed, some of the world’s greatest automobiles have been built in the image of airplanes and this car is no exception to that rule. Regardless of its inspiration, the InCenarator is certainly one of the most unique and cool custom cars built in modern times.

Source: Motorious