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Mercedes-Benz V-Class Gets Aggressive Bodykit and Tune with Manhart

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class has long been a favourite in South Africa, known for its versatility and comfort as the ultimate family car. Now, the tuning maestros at Manhart Performance have given it a fresh spin with their latest creation, the V350. 

Following in the footsteps of luxury titans like Maybach and the artistic touch of Lumma, Manhart joins the league of innovators transforming the V-Class. This van, often hailed as the ultimate people hauler, has seen its fair share of enhancements. The Maybach version, an epitome of opulence, and Lumma’s artistic touches have left their marks on this adaptable vehicle.

Manhart, with their rendition named the V350, dives into the modification game by kicking off its transformation with the Inferno body kit. This kit not only adds a touch of AMG flair but also infuses a dash of aggression with its new bumper, large air intakes, gloss black elements, and a menacing front grille, complemented by a distinctive bonnet.

Flared wheel arches at the front and rear, coupled with deeper side skirts, contribute to the V350’s revamped look. The rear receives its fair share of changes too, boasting a redesigned bumper and diffuser. Crafted from lightweight carbon fibre, all these parts from TopCar offer customization options, you can paint them to match the bodywork or embrace the glossy black finish.

To elevate the van’s aesthetics further, Manhart fits it with 20-inch wheels finished in black, dropping the ride height by 25 mm and punctuating its rear with new quad tailpipes. Beneath its refined exterior, the V350 packs a punch. Manhart tinkers with the 2,2-litre biturbo four-cylinder diesel engine, employing the MHtronik control unit to boost its performance to 208 kW of power and 585 N.m of torque.

Image: Manhart

This modification isn’t merely a European phenomenon, it underscores the V-Class’s global allure, particularly in South Africa, where its adaptability has earned it a special place. While it has always been the preferred choice for family travels, Manhart’s enhancements inject a sporty essence, ensuring it turns heads and makes a bold statement on any street.

Image: Manhart

With visual upgrades channelling AMG aesthetics and a power bump that adds vigour to its performance, the V350 by Manhart Performance brings a new chapter to the adored V-Class story. It reaffirms that this van isn’t solely about practicality—it’s about making a stylish mark while effortlessly handling all tasks thrown its way and that’s why it’s called a ‘Flippin Car’ around these parts.

Source : CarMag