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This Lavishly Equipped Rolls-Royce Ghost Costs Over $400,000

The Ghost will forever remain in the shadow of the more symptoms Phantom, but the “lesser” of the two Rolls-Royce sedans is a dream car for many people. It significantly undercuts the “best car in the world,” albeit that doesn’t make it affordable by any stretch of the imagination. Take for example this exquisite Tuscan Sun build that carries an exorbitant price tag of over $400,000.

The 2023 Ghost starts at a more attainable $348,500 but this car that Rolls-Royce brought to our attention has its fair share of extra goodies. After all, there’s no such thing as a Rolls-Royce with zero options. The Monroney sticker is mind-boggling since some of the added items cost an arm and a leg. Those 21-inch wheels have partially polished spokes ($1,450) and body-colored wheel centers ($1,400). The illuminated grille is another $2,675.

As with any Rolls-Royce, the real magic is inside where the Ghost has a thicker two-tone steering wheel in cashmere grey for an extra $3,650. Then there’s the dark amber trim for a cool $3,425 and the “transition lacquer” for a hefty $6,175. The list of options continues with a $4,650 clock, Havana seat piping for $4,725, and Sunset stitching for another $2,450.

The most expensive option of them all is called “Bespoke Interior – Module Editing” for $7,425. It’s complemented by the extended veneer application with a high-gloss finish in exchange for $3,775. The ultra-luxury British brand will charge you another $1,675 for the RR monogram on all the headrests. Rounding off the list of options are picnic tables for an eye-watering $5,750.

Factor in the $2,750 in destination and handling fees along with the $2,600 gas guzzler tax, this 2023  Ghost carries an astronomical sticker price of $406,300.

Like all Rolls-Royce models out there, it has the venerable V12 engine, but the twin-turbo powerhouse is living on borrowed time. By 2030, RR will morph into a purely electric brand. The Spectre coupe is leading the brand’s EV efforts.

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