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Watch The Upcoming Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class Off-Roading

Meet the future of the legendary luxury SUV.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been around for decades, and in that very long time, it’s become the industry standard when it comes to a highly capable and luxurious SUV with an unmistakable and timeless style. A favorite of enthusiasts, celebrities, and off-roading aficionados alike, the G-Class has a time-honored reputation as one of the best SUVs ever, but the automotive industry’s transition to electric vehicles means that the G-Class is sure to undergo a transformative change.

To anwer the question of the future of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the incredibly historic manufacturer has shown an electric version of the G-Class, which is well into its development and on the horizon to hit the market. The idea has been hinted at in concepts, but in this new video, Mercedes-Benz shows not only that this new model is very real, but very capable and ready for anything.

Being radically different as an electric model compared to its traditional and long-standing combustion-powered counterpart, the existence of an electric G-Class begs the question of whether it does justice to the original, and with its incredible off-road capability and technology, as well as its design which is unadulterated at its core, it arguably improves on what makes the G-Class great.

Rock-hopping is made virtually effortless with a tough carbon fiber plate protecting the battery on the underside of the car, while the use of electric motors allows for power to be delivered to the wheels in a way that combustion engines can’t, thus allowing for unique maneuvers.

One feature that the upcoming electric G-Class offers is a method for tight and quick 90-degree turns, perfect for instances like navigating a forest and avoiding densely populated trees. However, the true showpiece of the video is the vehicle’s ability to, on loose surfaces, do 360-degree turns in place, literally spinning around with the use of its high-tech electric power, which is called “the G-Turn.” The electric future of the G-Class is finally arriving, and Mercedes-Benz promises that it’s a great one.

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