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This Mercedes S-Class Makes Any Rolls-Royce Look Affordable, It’s Not Even a Maybach

Let’s cut to the chase: it is a Mercedes-Benz S 680 Guard 4Matic, with the Guard standing for armored. That’s right, this inconspicuous car boasts armoring or VR10 ballistic protection to be more accurate. As a result, the polycarbonate and multi-layer glass is roughly one centimeter (0.4 inch) thick.

The entire passenger compartment can withstand rounds shot from machine guns, including the infamous Kalashnikov and sniper rifles. Armor-piercing bullets do not pose a threat to it either. A fire extinguishing system is also on deck, and should toxic gas be released near the car, it won’t do any harm to the occupants courtesy of the emergency fresh air system. They also shouldn’t worry about getaways, as the run-flat tires will allow the Benz to move to safety.

Once upon a time, the V12 engine used to be available for multiple Mercedes vehicles, though it is now part of a dying breed. Still, this is the mill of choice when it comes to the Mercedes-Benz S 680 Guard 4Matic, and it is a 6.0-liter unit with twin turbocharging. The output is 603 brake horsepower or 612 metric horsepower/450 kilowatts, and it produces 612 lb-ft (830 Nm) of torque.

Photo: Hollmann

There is no official 0 to 62 mph (0-100 kph) sprint time due to the added weight, but it is way slower than the regular S 680 4Matic, which deals with it in four and a half seconds before running out of breath at 155 mph or 250 kph. The armored variant has a top speed of 130 mph (210 kph). A nine-speed automatic transmission works in concert with the 4Matic all-wheel drive system in both models.

An armored luxury vehicle’s normal clientele is government officials and businessmen, should you ask the respective automaker, but everyone knows that these rides often end up in the hands of bad guys. And who can blame them? After all, if you’re in the moneymaking business, regardless of your skills, you want to be both comfortable and safe on the go. And the armored S-Class ticks both boxes.

Normally, customers can choose between having it with seating for four or five. In this case, it has two individual rear seats separated by a large console. The captain’s chairs sport numerous adjustments. Those sitting at the rear have an entertainment system should they get bored of looking out the window. The entire cockpit is bathed in multi-color ambient lighting, which can become a bit too flashy in various configurations.

Photo: Hollmann

But there is nothing brash at all about the Mercedes-Benz S 680 Guard 4Matic, including the copy pictured above, which features a black paint finish with the usual chrome appointments and rides on normal-sized alloys. The interior has fine black leather upholstery with diamond quilting. Due to the car’s overall size, its future owner can drive it on their own without looking ridiculous, or they could also hire a chauffeur and jump on those extremely comfortable rear seats.

This one has only the delivery miles under its belt, so it is a brand-new ride, albeit one that is very thirsty. The fuel consumption does not interest anyone who has this kind of money available for a car, but you are still looking at the equivalent of 11.8 US mpg (20 l/100 km) combined, 6.8 US mpg (34.5 l/100 km) in the city, and 15 US mpg (15.7 l/100 km) on the highway. According to the vendor, it has carbon dioxide emissions of 453 g/km.

Now, speaking of the vendor, this armored Mercedes-Benz S-Class has Hollmann International behind the ad, and it was one of the most expensive vehicles in their portfolio at the time of writing. The asking price is €950,810, including tax, or $1,035,955 at today’s exchange rates. The car is in stock, and you can probably ship it anywhere in the world. Oh, you won’t be complaining about the possible high costs of having it delivered to your doorway, as you’re looking at a vehicle that costs seven digits.

If you want a normal S-Class, then you will have to fork out at least $114,500 for the brand-new S 500 4Matic in the United States before destination. The S 580 e 4Matic starts at $122,550, and the S 580 4Matic at $124,000. If you feel like the Rolls-Royce Ghost or the Bentley Flying Spur are not for you, then you could up the ante with the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. The 496 hp V8-powered S 580 4Matic has an MSRP of $193,400, and for the S 680 4Matic, which comes with a V12 engine rated at 621 hp, you will have to cough out at least $229,000.

Source : AutoEvolution

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