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This Restomodded Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is the ‘Ultimate Luxury Sleeper’

Spring Green, Wisconsin’s Ringbrothers are best known for customizing retro American rides, from Plymouth GTXs to Ford Mustangs and F100s, not to mention this heavily resto-modded 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster super-truck that nearly broke SEMA in 2022.

The Ringbrothers’ 2023 SEMA showing didn’t disappoint fans of their distinctly badass interpretations of classic American muscle, with the 1,000-horsepower Hellephant V8-powered 1969 Dodge Challenger “TUSK” rendered in black and gold and a beautiful burgundy 1965 Mustang convertible “UNCAGED.” But presented alongside those ponies was a somewhat surprising and restrained Ringbrothers build: this Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II “PARAMOUNT.”

“Unlike many of our builds, we chose to retain the original bodywork and lines of the Rolls, so at first glance, there are only hints to what lies beneath,” says Ringbrothers co-owner Jim Ring. “That all changes when the door opens to show the completely custom interior or a press of the go pedal emits a telltale supercharger whine. This truly is the ultimate luxury sleeper.”

The outfit stripped the shell to bare metal and corrected any perfections by hand before applying a “White as Fluff” finish and custom-machining a few badges. Otherwise, the timeless 50s-era bodywork was left as is.

But to piggyback on Ring’s characterization of the PARAMOUNT as the “ultimate luxury sleeper,” this may very well be the most potent retro Rolls ever. Underneath the hood is a GM LT4 V8 from a modern Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing that pushes 640 horsepower and 635 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission and custom carbon fiber driveshaft.

Everything rides on a custom Roadster Shop chassis featuring Ringbrothers-fabricated two-piece clamshell control arms and a number of the other upgraded components. The interior is also properly restomodded, with Dakota Digital instruments, custom-built floor plans, a machined billet switchgear, and the Ringbrothers’ own take on Rolls’ Starlight headliner, featuring 1,000 LEDS.

“Every part of this build is brimming with detail and character,” Ring adds. “The exterior keeps to the allure of traditional British luxury while the engine, chassis and interior all embrace a modern luxury sedan. We invested over 3,400 hours in fabricating, painting and engineering this project and are grateful to our partners for working with us to further our craft and allowing us to explore an entirely new realm of art form.”

In press photos, the vehicle is staged next to a single-engined aircraft, perhaps a reference to Rolls-Royce’s rich aviation history—the brand remains the world’s second-largest maker of aircraft engines to this day. Whatever the reason, Ringbrothers Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II “PARAMOUNT” is definitely reaching for the skies.

Source : Maxim

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