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How Gucci’s Famous Soho Disco Crossbody Bag Became The Blondie

It’s rare for a beloved handbag to be discontinued shortly after its release — especially, when it counts the likes of Rihanna and Selena Gomez among its fans. It’s even rarer still for one to be discontinued and revived under a different moniker — all in a single decade. The Gucci Soho Disco, however, is no ordinary bag.

The Soho Disco’s Luxurious History

In 2012, then-creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini, released the Soho Disco — a boxy crossbody bag. The camera bag-style accessory was distinctly marked by a massive interlocking double G emblem embossed front and center.

Typically crafted in pebbled leather, its zipper was equipped with a fringe leather tassel — another defining Soho Disco detail. Casual-cool and utterly wearable, it immediately gripped fashion savants’ hearts.

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Despite widespread popularity, it was discontinued a mere six years later — a rather short life span for any bag, particularly one with a steady demand. Even after its demise, style heroes continued to flaunt the purse, chicly demonstrating its timelessness.

Naturally, Celebrities Love The Soho Disco

Rihanna, one of fashion’s foremost tastemakers, was spotted carrying the Soho Disco in the early 2010s, which practically cemented its it bag status. Selena Gomez was another A-list fan, having used the crossbody as an accent for multiple outfits.

More Hollywood wearers from the era included: Emma Roberts, Cindy Crawford, and Amy Adams, among others.

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So, What Is The Gucci Blondie?

In 2022, the beloved design was effectively reincarnated when Gucci released a new line of handbags under the name: the Blondie. Styles included shoulder bags, totes, top-handle options, and a boxy crossbody that’s nearly identical to the OG Soho Disco.

In addition to its throwback shape, the Blondie has strikingly similar features to its 2012-era predecessor. It, too, is marked by a dominant double G logo — this time, in a clean, circular shape — and comes with a tassel, like its older sibling.

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The main difference between the two lies in the material. The Blondie is made with smooth leather with diagonal, striped stitching, versus the Soho Disco’s pebbled leather.

The Soho Disco Costs How Much?!

Though it hasn’t been in production for years, the bag still lives on resale sites like FashionphileVestiaire Collective, and The RealReal. Naturally, prices vary depending on the item’s condition.

Its more contemporary evolution, on the other hand, is available today in Gucci stores and at other retailers. There are a few Blondie colors to choose from including: neutrals, bold hues, like red, green, yellow, as well as metallic options.

Like the original, the Blondie has two main shapes: one cubed and one oval. Regardless of geometric preference, the Blondie retails for $1,790 across the board.

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