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Gucci Amplifies Battle Against US Counterfeiters

Gucci is escalating its efforts to combat counterfeiting, initiating legal action against three U.S. retailers: Sam’s Club, Century 21, and Lord & Taylor.

The lawsuits, filed by Gucci’s American division in federal court in Manhattan, allege these retailers’ involvement in the illicit sale of counterfeit Gucci products. The luxury brand underscores its dedication to safeguarding customers from counterfeit sales and emphasizes a comprehensive investigation preceding the legal proceedings.

In the lawsuit against Lord & Taylor, Gucci highlights its significant advertising investment in promoting the brand in the U.S., underscoring the market’s importance. Gucci is pursuing injunctions and financial compensation, citing trademark infringement and unfair competition by the retailers. The legal action also calls for the surrender and potential destruction of counterfeit items.

Gucci’s investigations involved purchases from the retailers’ websites, revealing the inauthentic nature of the products. While Lord & Taylor remains silent on the matter, Sam’s Club acknowledges removing the identified products and plans to address the complaint in court. Century 21 has chosen not to provide a statement.

Gucci’s ongoing battle against counterfeiting reflects the broader challenge faced by luxury brands dealing with unauthorized reproductions through various distribution channels. Gucci, a frequent target of counterfeiting, has previously secured legal protection for its iconic ‘green-red-green ribbon’ and engaged in collaborations, such as the one with Facebook in 2021, to protect its intellectual property.

Source : FashionUnited