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How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Luxury Car?

If you go out of town and need to rent a car, why not get one that is sleek, stylish, and maybe something that in your regular life would be out of your price point. That all points to one word: “Luxury.” While it means different things to different people, luxury cars are typically categorized by their classy designs, refined interiors, and a treasure trove of features.

While you might not be putting a down payment on this luxury vehicle, it does come with some associated costs.

“A ‘luxury’ car, in rental terms, usually refers to a car with top-tier comfort features, superior performance, and often, a recognized brand name associated with prestige and quality,” said John Lin, the owner of JB Motor Work. “These cars are equipped with advanced safety and convenience features, superior interior materials, and often boast a powerful engine. They offer a more refined driving and riding experience compared to standard cars. Hence, they command a higher rental price.”

“Some people somehow enjoy the rush of driving a high-performance vehicle, while others require a luxurious mode of transportation for special occasions such as weddings or business trips,” said Tariro Goronga, the CEO of DriveSafe Driving Schools. “It is also a popular choice for tourists looking to add a touch of luxury to their trip.”

“Luxury automobiles are high-end, premium vehicles that provide a blend of superior performance, comfort, and style,” said Goronga, pointing to the June 2021 Statista report that stated the luxury car market in the U.S. accounted for roughly 4.5 percent of the light vehicle market. “The United States was the leading market for luxury automobiles, with a market size more than threefold that of Germany, the segment’s second largest market worldwide.”

Lin highlighted that when it comes to the rental cost of a luxury car, the price will vary greatly based on brand, model, and rental location. “On average, renting a luxury car could cost anywhere from $100 up to $500 per day. In contrast, a standard sedan might cost between $30-$70 per day,” explained Lin.

Lin noted that these are general figures, and actual costs can sway based on variables like insurance, duration of rent, fuel costs, and additional features requested. An entry-level luxury sedan might cost $100-$300 per day, while exotic sports cars can exceed $1,000 per day, according to Douglas Mercer, Stockton Wheel Service‘s automotive service manager.

“Ultra-luxury models like Rolls-Royce or Bentley can go well beyond $3,000 per day,” said Mercer, who agreed with Lin that it is important to view how the “rental prices are influenced by factors like duration, location, mileage restrictions, and additional services, making luxury car rentals a luxurious but flexible option.”

“For instance, you might pay around $150 per day for a base model BMW 5-series,” said Lin. “But, for something like a Rolls-Royce Phantom, you could shell out close to $1,400 per day. Luxury SUVs like a Range Rover could be rented [for] around $300-$400 per day.”

“There’s no comparison when you’re contrasting them with ‘normal’ rentals,” said Marcus Withers of Withers Automotive LLC and Chrysler of Lawrenceburg. “Price wise, it varies, but luxury car rentals can range anywhere from $800 to $5,000 dollars a day.”

“I’ve seen a Rolls Royce Wraith in Miami go for $2,600 a day,” Withers said. “The more exotic, the more luxury, the more expensive. A Mercedes S580 might go for $1,800 a day. A little further down the ladder, a Range Rover Sport might go for $800 a day. It also depends on the city/area you’re in. Your LAs, Houstons, Miamis — those are going to be more expensive. With cities with great public transportation, not so much.”

“On average, luxury cars can cost anywhere from 2 to 3 times more than their non-luxury counterparts,” said Patryk Doornebos, the owner of Car Triple. “Taking a closer look, renting a BMW 5 Series might set you back around $150-$200 per day, while a more elegant choice like a Porsche Panamera could be in the ballpark of $300-$400 per day.”

“On the other hand, a regular SUV might cost $70 per day, whereas its luxury equivalent, say an Audi Q5, might start at $150 per day,” Doornebos explained, supporting the fact that premium pricing for luxury car rentals doesn’t only account for the vehicle’s inherent value but also factors in the higher maintenance costs.

“The greater wear and tear luxury cars typically undergo, and the unique amenities they offer, such as advanced infotainment systems, superior comfort, and enhanced safety features,” all get included in the price tag, said Doornebos.

Goronga added that a number of luxury car rental companies also provide various packages and discounts, particularly for long-term rentals.

“Some companies may even actually allow you to upgrade your vehicle during your rental period,” Goronga mentioned. “It is always [the] best idea to check with several companies to compare rates and find the best deal that can fit your budget and likes.”

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