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Drake Gives Fan Chanel Bag After She Reveals How Many Brazilian Waxes She Did To Buy Tour Tickets

Compared to his contemporaries, Drake has been incredibly jealous in terms of giving back to his fans. This is more evident than ever amid his It’s All a Blur tour, which has seen him and 21 Sav travelling across North America for the better part of the summer. The duo will be continuing on into the fall, though they’re currently sounding out their two-night stint in Houston on Monday (September 18) evening. Not every single concert has seen Drake reward select patrons, but so far, he’s been generous to a handful of lucky attendees in major ways.

Not only did the Canadian offer to pay back one fan who used their furniture money to buy concert tickets but he’s also been handing out Chanel bags to a few lucky women in the crowd. During a recent performance, the Scorpion artist caught sight of one handmade sign from up on stage with a woman revealing how much gruelling work she had to do in order to get her hands on It’s All a Blur passes.

Drake Rewards Dedicated Fan for Her Hard Work

“I had to wax 50 pu**ies for these Drake tickets,” the concert attendee wrote. “That’s cr*zy,” the 36-year-old said after reading her sign. “That’s a lot of pu**ies to wax.” After admiring her dedication, he ordered his crew to give her a Chanel bag as a reward for her efforts as the crowd cheered on.

Though he initially said For All The Dogs might land in August, Drake is now promising that October 6 is the official release date for his album. We’ve received one single in the form of “Slime You Out” featuring SZA so far, and we also know that Nicki Minaj is set to appear on the project. Aside from that, the 6ix God has hinted that we’ll be hearing from the “old Drake” within his work. Check out the recent throwback photo dump he shared on IG amid finishing his LP at the link below, and tap back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

Source : HotNewHipHop