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Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Gets a Facelift

THE Tambour turns 21 this year. In adulthood, the face of Louis Vuitton’s watchmaking since 2002 now looks in finer shape than before – slimmer, with fluid lines and a casual elegance.

The revamped timepiece signals not just the roll-out of a new watch collection, but a new strategy for the watchmaking department of the French fashion house, which is part of luxury group LVMH. 

The Tambour line’s offerings have been extensive, ranging from entry-level models aimed at high-volume sales to high-end fine watches which, while fewer in number, account for a growing share of the brand’s creative output.

Now under Jean Arnault, the youngest son of LVMH chief executive officer Bernard Arnault, 80 per cent of the existing product line-up has been slashed – from over 100 models to 20 active references – to focus on upscale and more pricey sport-luxe models. 

The younger Arnault, 24 and a graduate of Imperial College of London and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recently told Swiss watch magazine Europa Star : “Our vocation revolves around craftsmanship, not large series.

“We intend to showcase the skill of our artisans, from the watchmakers to the engravers and gem-setters. All these specialists are part of a single philosophy: that of a watchmaker capable of producing a complete watch.”

Source : TheBusinessTimes