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Louis Vuitton and Gucci Named Most Popular Luxury Brands in Florida

What’s the status symbol of wealth in Florida? Well, according to luxury watch marketplace Chrono24, it’s Louis Vuitton and Gucci. There’s a reason why both have stores in Naples. They’re in demand. Elsewhere, it’s a little different.

Christian Dior has been named the number one luxury brand worldwide for the first time in Luxe’s 2023 ranking, jumping from number seven in 2019. But which states are chasing a life of luxury?

Over a Quarter of Texans Search for High-End Labels Each Month.

Texas emerges as the frontrunner, showcasing an overwhelming interest in luxury brands, with an impressive total of 8,233,230 searches per month. The Lone Star State is revealed as the ultimate hub for luxury brand enthusiasts, with 269 searches per 1,000 residents per month for 50 of the most high-end fashion and accessory brands. Florida is quite a bit behind with 1,632,150 searches for luxury brands per month. It’s possible that Florida residents are more focused on how they’re going to pay rent, rather than scouting for luxury purchases.

According to search data, the top 5 luxury brands in Florida are:

  1. Louis Vuitton – 301,000
  2. Gucci – 135,000
  3. Balenciaga – 110,000
  4. Dior – 60,500
  5. Ralph Lauren – 60,500

So Florida residents on the come up are looking to grab something from Louis Vuitton?

It would appear so. And if you’ve ever been to Miami, you’d see it.  Gucci is a distant second. If you’re looking to pick up something here in Southwest Florida, here’s the Naples location.

One thing to note is the absence of Rolex in this top 5. I honestly thought that would be a heavy search for Florida residents. The Apple Watch is everywhere. Actual watches seem to be more ‘decorative’ than anything.

Methodology: By analyzing search data, we have uncovered the leading high-end luxury brands among the top 100 in the United States. This comprehensive data was collected across all 50 states, providing valuable insights into the preferences of American consumers. Revealing the states who are chasing a life of luxury.

2023 Southwest Florida Fourth Of July Holiday Guide

The effects of Hurricane Ian are still being felt across Southwest Florida as we make Fourth Of July plans. I spent so many July 4ths down on Fort Myers Beach. I’d hang out around Times Square and then fireworks over the pier. Not this year. Same goes for Naples.

Naples has also postponed their fireworks. They plan to do a fireworks show in December. Since so many of their beach access points are closed that also makes sense.  Since that’s not longer an option, what is?

The Fourth falls on a Tuesday, let’s just call it one long weekend. If you’ve got a single personal day or vacation day you can use, July 3rd would be a good one. So we’ll include some events on the weekend prior to the Fourth.

There’s some unique events on this list you may not have heard of. And for those of you who like to get up early on holidays and run a 5k, those are here, too. If I missed one, let me know. I intentionally left off the Sydney & Berne Davis Art Center event since tickets are so pricey. You’d be better off heading down to Sky King and buying your own display. I think most of San Carlos Park does this.

2023 is a weird year for us as we continue to rebuild. With less events, it’s possible that the remaining outdoor fireworks shows will be more crowded than you are used to. Have a great 4th of July everyone!

Source : ESPN