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Project Neptune: This 450-feet Superyacht is All Luxury and No Emissions

Italian yacht designer Marco Ferrari has unveiled his latest yacht concept. Called Project Neptune, the yacht has a sleek and elegant exterior and is home to the best of luxuries that money can buy. The best bit is that it is powered by hydrogen and will let out pure water instead of environmentally harming emissions.

Superyachts the size of Project Neptune often attract the ire of environmentalists. The massive size of these vessels means that they are fuel-guzzling mammoths responsible for huge emissions. At times, their construction and delivery can also cause the destruction of one of the heritage bridges in a port city. Unless there is a huge public outcry about it and alternate arrangements are made.

Surely this is something both yacht designers and builders will consider before commissioning works for the super-rich. However, Ferrari’s design manages a win-win for both sides. Not only does it offer the best-in-class luxuries, but its new-age propulsion will also ensure that there is nothing for environmentalists to cry about when the yacht is at sea.

When one is not enough

With 450 feet (137.5 m) in length, Project Neptune is a massive superyacht that tries not to make a big deal about its size. The exteriors are built with conventional aluminum with strong flowing lines that try to hide the 5,000 gross tonnage of the yacht very nimbly.

At the stern, one can find an infinity pool overlooking the beach club, with another pool waiting for guests on a level above. On the sundeck, one can find a helipad to allow guests onboard even when at sea, but then there is a larger helipad on the foredeck, which is perhaps reserved for the yacht’s owner.

It seems likely so since the entire deck only has a stateroom with an en suite, a study, a library (now that’s rare), and a walk-in wardrobe. Not the luxuries one offers to the captain of the ship.

The yacht design has four more staterooms with private balconies on the lower decks, along with six suites, taking the guest capacity to 22. A crew of 50 can remain onboard to cater to the guests’ needs. This can also include a doctor and a nurse since there is also a room that can serve as an onboard hospital if needed.

Lest we forget, there is also sufficient space reserved for superyacht toys like Jet Skis, Seabobs, kayaks, kiteboards, diving gear, and fishing equipment, practically everything you could need to enjoy a relaxed holiday at sea.

Green superyacht?

Ferrari is undoubtedly looking to address concerns about superyachts in the design since the glass panels incorporate a heat-insulating foil to reduce the energy needs of air-conditioning units.

Apart from that, the entire yacht is powered by hydrogen in an attempt to shut off concerns about emissions from such floating structures. While it works great for design concepts, much work is needed to make this a reality. Luxuries offered by Ferrari can be easily bought with money, but hydrogen propulsion is something that is still a pipe dream, and perhaps that’s why it’s called Project Neptune.

Source : Interesting Engineering

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