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Top 5 Reasons Reviewers and Critics Name Tesla the Worst Luxury Car

Dive into the critical reasons why top auto reviewers & journalists name Tesla the worst luxury car brand, shedding light on aspects like build quality, interior comfort, feature availability, customer service, and high price point. This in-depth exploration provides key insights for prospective buyers, underlining the gap between Tesla’s promise and performance in the luxury automotive segment.

Despite the innovative strides that Tesla has made in the realm of electric vehicles, a growing consensus among auto reviewers suggests that the brand may not live up to its reputation when it comes to luxury. A variety of critiques have been raised, ranging from the build quality to the price point. These criticisms have led many automotive reviewers and journalists to name Tesla as the worst luxury car on the market. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Poor Build Quality

Numerous auto reviewers have lamented the build quality of Tesla vehicles. A common issue raised is the inconsistency in fit and finish, along with reported electrical and mechanical problems. Edmunds, a popular car reviewing platform, candidly commented, “Tesla cars are poorly built,” and reported that “many reviewers have reported problems with fit and finish, as well as electrical and mechanical issues.”

2. Uncomfortable Interiors

Despite being positioned in the luxury segment, Tesla’s interiors have been called out for being uncomfortable. Consumer Reports criticized the lack of spaciousness in the cabin, specifically citing “the lack of legroom and headroom, as well as the hard and cheap-feeling materials.”

3. Lack of Features

For the price point at which Tesla’s vehicles are sold, many auto reviewers expect a more extensive range of features. According to Forbes, “Tesla cars are often criticized for lacking features that are standard on other luxury cars,” noting that many Tesla models lack amenities like a sunroof, heated seats, or a premium sound system – elements often taken for granted in luxury vehicles.

4. Poor Customer Service

The issue of customer service seems to be another sticking point with Tesla. The company has been reported to have lengthy wait times for servicing and difficulty reaching customer service representatives. Car and Driver pointedly remarked, “Tesla has also been criticized for its poor customer service,” with numerous reviewers sharing their frustrations with the brand’s service quality.

5. High Price

Despite the issues raised above, Tesla vehicles are some of the most expensive on the market. Auto reviewers have criticized the price tag for not aligning with the level of luxury and service offered. “They often don’t offer the same level of luxury as other cars in their price range,” said Motor Trend, echoing the sentiments of many in the industry.

Tesla’s innovative approach to electric vehicle technology has garnered much attention and acclaim, but when it comes to the traditional tenets of luxury, critics argue that Tesla falls short in a few key areas. Here are five ways Tesla is deviating from the typical path of luxury automotive makers, outlined by car journalists and critics:

Jeremy Clarkson said he quite liked the BMW i8 supercar but warned he still preferred a “Mustang to a Tesla”.
Jeremy Clarkson said he quite liked the BMW i8 supercar but warned he still preferred a “Mustang to a Tesla”.
  1. Assembly and Quality Control: Tesla’s approach to assembly and quality control is not up to par with traditional luxury automakers. Jeremy Clarkson, former host of Top Gear, pointed out that “Teslas are fast, yes, but the build quality is like it’s been built by a kindergartner.”
  2. Compromised Ride Comfort: Where luxury brands put a premium on smooth and comfortable ride quality, Tesla’s emphasis on performance can compromise ride comfort. Car critic Doug DeMuro mentioned that “The ride in a Tesla Model S is harsher than in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or a BMW 7 Series.”
  3. Absence of Luxury Refinements: Tesla tends to overlook the smaller luxury refinements that characterize luxury automakers. “There’s an overall lack of finesse,” noted Jonathan Lopez from Top Speed. “Unlike Audi or Mercedes, Tesla interiors don’t give you that cocooned, special feeling.”
  4. Dependence on Digital Controls: Tesla’s reliance on digital controls for almost everything can compromise ease-of-use and safety. Autocar’s Matt Prior noted, “In a Tesla, even simple actions require going through the touchscreen, which is not what you’d expect in a true luxury car.”
  5. Inadequate Dealer Network and Service Centres: Traditional luxury automakers have an extensive dealer network and readily available service centers. In contrast, Daniel Golson from Road and Track commented, “Finding a Tesla service center or a charger can be a hassle, which doesn’t align with the luxury car ownership experience.”

These critical points from automotive experts emphasize a pervasive sentiment: Tesla, while being a pioneer in the realm of electric vehicles, falls short in maintaining the conventional benchmarks of luxury automakers. True luxury encompasses a holistic experience, from the touch and ambiance of the interior to the intuitive ease of controls, extending to the standard of customer service. Tesla’s departure from these norms might be an intentional venture into redefining luxury, but critics opine that it currently struggles to provide a luxury experience on par with traditional premium car brands.

In wrapping up, it’s clear that Tesla has played a major role in propelling the electric vehicle industry forward, but according to auto journalists and reviewers, it seemingly lags behind when it comes to matching the luxury yardstick set by renowned premium car brands. Prospective Tesla owners must contemplate these issues while making a purchasing decision. As these reviews indicate, luxury encompasses much more than just a recognized brand name – it is a comprehensive blend of quality, comfort, features, service, and overall worth.

Source : Pursuitist