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Private Jets: Trends In Luxury Inflight Meals

Just as restaurants change their menus, private jet operators have to follow suit. Passengers can pick and choose exactly what they like to eat and are used to eating at the best restaurants. So, what is trending in business aviation?


The wellness industry is booming, and there has never been a higher request for lighter, fresher meals in comparison to the typically quite heavy luxurious meals. There is a move to light and refreshing meals such as avocado toast with orange and figs and firecracker lettuce wraps, for example. Low salt and low sugar choices are also popular.


The popularity of veganism has also spread into the private jet world. You can order a crispy tofu, mushroom, and pesto sandwich or a quinoa and baby kale salad with cranberries and apricots, as you wish. Turmeric roasted cauliflower ‘steak’ with raita, naan bread, avocado, and chocolate mousse are other popular items.

Caviar and seafood

The classic caviar service is still popular with passengers. It is served with the accompaniments of egg, chives, sour cream, lemon, and blinis and often with champagne or vodka. A platter of sushi is frequently asked for. Balik salmon (a cold smoked salmon) used to be only exclusively available to Russian tzars. Caviar and seafood are a favorite of Russian passengers.


Some clients prefer to order from their favorite restaurants, and now some catering suppliers have partnerships with well-known high-end restaurants. This makes it easier for the meals to be stored and prepared for the needs of the private jet (galley space) and is better for food safety. Restaurants like Nobu, Hakkasan, and Cipriani are such examples.

Catering suppliers

Suppliers do follow the restaurants’ ideas and concepts and adapt. Organic food and ‘farm to table’ are often used, albeit a table in the sky. Local, seasonal produce is often used, and food is responsibly sourced. Classic dishes are always needed on the menu as well. Flying out of London, for example, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see cottage pie or chicken tikka masala alongside the acai bowl on the menu.

Platters and boards

Platters are always on the catering order of a flight attendant. This has now expanded to the trending ‘boards’ – where there is a plethora of items served on a breadboard. Cheese and fruit are the most popular, although sometimes Charcuterie and seafood are asked for. These are great for serving family-style or buffet-style onboard.

Photo: Amow Catering


The classics never go out of style. Chicken caesar and Greek salads are on almost every menu. Beef fillet and roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables will always be asked for, along with desserts such as tiramisu and New York cheesecake. Afternoon tea is another classic. In the Middle East, the humble biriyani and the infamous butter chicken are rarely off the menu.

New influences

Street food style is becoming more asked for onboard with things like gyros, skewers, and chicken wings. There is a trend in Japanese food on menus now, with dishes like miso cod, donburi gyuniki, or chicken katsu becoming more mainstream. Korean food is also starting to appear on some menus.

Source : Simple Flying

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