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Procos Celebrates 25 Years of Packaging Innovation Serving Luxury Brands

The manufacturer of exclusive luxury shopping bags, luxury cardboard boxes, high-end boxes for e-commerce, luxury ribbons and fabric items, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. On this occasion, a new version of the company’s “pop-up box” will be unveiled at Luxe Pack Monaco, as well as a new embossed white kraft paper bag.

Since its founding in Munich, Germany, in 1998, Procos has been dedicated to the fashion, perfume, cosmetics, wines and spirits and jewellery markets. Initially focused on the production of paper bags, Procos soon expanded its portfolio to include cartons, boxes, cases and woven products. Since 2015, Procos has taken a keen interest in e-commerce issues, a segment that has seen exponential growth since 2021, driven by the manufacturer’s innovations, as well as by the explosion in demand.

Europe, Asia and North America

Today, the company employs 40 people and achieved a turnover of 56 million euros in 2022. For an optimal supply chain, Procos produces through its partners in Europe, Asia and America, and has also set up warehouses and offices in Germany, London, Paris, New York, Qingdao and Shanghai – to be closer to its various partners.

At Procos, we strive to be where our customers need us to be. We create and innovate to present packaging solutions that meet the new eco-responsible expectations of the market, as well as their quality requirements and their need to stand out. We have offices and production plants in several continents and we have also improved our e-shop platform for optimized logistic solutions,” explains Leander Kritikos, founding CEO of Procos.

Innovations, technical and creative challenges

In 25 years, Procos has distinguished itself by creating several original products mixing innovation and sustainability.

In 2013Procos launched the first all-paper bag for high-end brands and boutiques. The 100% paper body and cords made a big impression at the Luxe Pack Monaco trade show, where it was exclusively showcased.

In 2018, the company bet on a convertible bag adapting to the seasonality of brands and the market’s need for agility, thanks to an interchangeable sheet.

In 2019Procos introduced an interactive bag integrating NFC technology printed on paper. Made of 60% recycled fibres and 40% FSC Mix certified fibres, the plastic-free bag also had cotton handles to be 100% recyclable.

In 2020, the manufacturer promoted another shopping bag: “My Good Gift Bag,” a bag made with recycled and recyclable materials, eco-friendly components for printing and assembly (soy-based ink, aqueous glue and aqueous selective varnish), and lighter because less material was used to make it.

In 2021Procos presented an innovative e-commerce box: its eco-friendly “Yoga Light” box, an all-in-one solution for brands.

In 2022, the company distinguished itself with its “New Material” shopping bag: a smooth, single-material kraft and zero-plastic bag (no lamination and paper ribbon handles).

The company also made a name for itself with the first version of its pop-up box, which was renewed at the beginning of 2023 with a special “Chinese New Year” edition and will soon be revived with an exclusive 25th anniversary version. Designed for e-commerce, this box stands out with a sheet added to the lid: it covers the products (tied with a ribbon for the gift aspect) and creates the pop-up effect when opened.

In 2023Procos unveiled a new paper bag, specially designed for the company’s 25th anniversary: a white kraft paper bag with a structure and multifaceted 3D embossing with highly sensorial features.

A large array of proposals that have enabled Procos to attract many luxury brands, such as Diptyque, Montblanc, or several brands within the LVMH, L’Oréal and Kering groups.

Source : Premium Beauty News