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The $5.5 Million Edge Luxury Yacht Was Born To Show Off

If you want to go incognito at sea, you surely won’t choose a fiery-red yacht. And you also wouldn’t choose one that was nominated for a prestigious award due to its striking profile. On the other hand, if you’re not at all shy and even looking to turn all heads as you cruise, this type of dazzling vessel would be just the right choice.

We’ve discussed red luxury yachts and how special they are. Large-sized pleasure craft with such a distinctive hull color are rare, memorable, and almost always linked to bold owners. One of the latest to join this exclusive club is still a youngster looking for its first owner. A fresh and intriguing entry into the luxury market, Edge is here to steal the show with impeccable style and thrilling speed.

When a boat nearly fetches the “Outstanding Exterior” prize, people expect to be wowed, and Edge doesn’t disappoint. Even as a finalist and not a winner of the 2023 Boat International Design and Innovation Awards, this fresh yacht has proven to be one of the most striking debuts. It was also nominated for “Best New Series” thanks to its outstanding performance. What more could you ask?

The series we’re talking about is the XSR 85, introduced by the Turkish shipbuilder Sarp Yachts. Unlike other Turkish yards, Sarp focuses on large luxury yachts of up to 80 meters (262 feet). It also claims to operate one of the largest and most advanced building facilities in South Turkey. Sarp is also the only one in the Free Zone of Antalya to work with a certified ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) Integrated Quality Management System.

The sharp-looking Edge is the first unit in the XSR 85. It made its public debut at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Show and Monaco Yacht Show shortly after its fall delivery. Although built in Turkey, Edge has an international pedigree.

The multi-award-winning studio Red Yacht Design, based in London and Istanbul, envisioned its exterior and interior. As for Edge’s naval architecture, it’s linked to one of the top names in the global yachting industry – the Dutch Van Oossanen.

The first thing you’ll notice about Edge is the “Porsche Guards red” hull, a rarity at sea. The contrasting black superstructure creates a sporty, almost aggressive silhouette that’s impossible to ignore. Despite its fiery profile, the atmosphere onboard Edge is much more relaxed.

Like many contemporary models, Edge creates a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor areas. This makes the 85 feet (23 meters) yacht feel much more spacious. It can accommodate up to nine guests (in four elegant cabins) and four crew members (including the captain).

Apart from the hull color, another striking feature is the extensive use of glass, typically used for much larger superyachts. The entire salon is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass, creating the appearance of an open-deck configuration.

In other words, guests are able to take in the spectacular views during cruising while staying protected from any potential bad weather. Plus, this sophisticated arrangement floods the main socializing areas onboard with natural light for an airy and bright atmosphere.

The fiery red theme is continued throughout the yacht, including the engine room. Here, guests can admire the powerful 800 HP MAN engines that can ramp up the speed to an exhilarating 21 knots (24 mph/39 kph). Edge feels best when cruising at a little over 10 knots (13.8 mph/22kph), promising a range of 1,000 nautical miles (1,852 km).

In addition to the powerful engines and the ability to carry 7,850 liters (2,073 gallons) of fuel onboard, the Edge luxury yacht owes its impressive performance to the acclaimed Van Oossanen naval architecture.

Edge was built with the Dutch architecture studio’s famous FDHF (Fast Displacement Hull Form). This innovative hull concept was designed as an answer to the challenges that conventional hulls face regarding the connection between speed and performance.

FDHF vessels were proven to demonstrate greater performance at higher speeds compared to traditional displacement and semi-displacement hulls. Better still, the FDHF isn’t limited to yachts but can be implemented on any type of boat.

The unique and bold Edge yacht is still waiting for a new owner, eager to show what it can do at sea. The only bad news is that it’s not available for U.S. customers. Anyone with €4,9 million ($5.5 million) to spare can get their hands on this fresh model. In the meantime, the second unit of the Sarp XSR 85 series is gearing up for launch, featuring a green hybrid-electric propulsion system.

Source : AutoEvolution