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Rolls-Royce Update to Shed Light on Engine Flying Hours

Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC (LSE:RR.)’s update next Thursday, 11 May will likely shed light on the company’s engine flying times, which could outdo expectations this year according to UBS.

Though both UBS and Barclays anticipate a fairly low-key trading announcement, the former called in Rolls-Royce engine flying times at up to 83% of 2019 levels for the first quarter, equalling 2.8mln hours.

This could place Rolls-Royce on course to outdo full-year expectations of 13mln hours, UBS noted, marking good news since it is paid based on flight times.

Rolls-Royce is largely wrapped into long-haul flight though, making the recovery of China a key factor in its performance.

Barclays anticipated deliveries and flying hours will be as expected, with Rolls-Royce more likely to provide some further detail on supply chain issues and the post-Covid “inventory balance unwind”.

Both suggested an unchanged full-year outlook from Rolls-Royce, which predicts operating profit will sit between £0.8bn and £1bn come the end of 2023, up from £0.7bn last year.

The FTSE-100 aerospace firm anticipates free cash flow in the region of £0.6bn to £0.8bn, compared to 2022’s £0.5bn, meanwhile.

Barclays held a ‘neutral’ rating for Rolls-Royce ahead of the update, while UBS tipped it a ‘buy’.

Source : ProActive