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Aptera Gamma makes appearance in Switzerland

The Aptera Gamma has appeared in the mountains of Switzerland at an investing conference.

“It was an honor being a partner at FTE – Follow the Entrepreneur over the weekend where we had the opportunity to connect to the Swiss Investment Community, meet our Swiss pre-order holders, and speak about the Ecosystems of the Future,” the company said on LinkedIn.

Aptera has been working toward production of its launch edition vehicle, and the company has been working to secure additional funding to keep its head above water during this period. Aptera has started a series of initiatives, including the Aperta Accelerate program, which allows reservation holders to move forward in the production queue if they invest $10,000 or more into the business.

Now, the company’s founders have been spotted at an investment conference in Switzerland, where the vehicle was on display.

The appearance at the Swiss conference was pretty short notice, according to the YouTube channel Passivlifewho attended the event as an Aptera ambassador. There, the Aptera Gamma vehicle made its first appearance in Europe, proving once again to be the ideal mobility solution in the narrow streets of the mountainous nation.

The “Follow the Entrepreneur” (FTE) event occurred in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and is a significant event for startup businesses looking for funding. According to the FTE event website, “More than 50 percent of entrepreneurs who present secure funding at or after the event,” thanks to a large number of wealthy private investors, with an average net worth of €50 million ($53 million).

This is not the first time Aptera has ventured to search for production funding. Last year, the company received a multi-million dollar grant from the State of California to begin production while also opening a site for reservation holders to invest in the automaker to help move production forward.

Aptera CEO Chris Anthony has previously made it clear that the company will need at least $50 million to start production, but it remains unclear how close they are now.

It is unknown if Aptera has received its necessary funding from the FTE event, but the company’s work to search the globe to achieve production is admirable. Hopefully, with this dedication to investment searching, the company will be able to begin production quickly this year.

Source : Teslarati